Summer Camp

MindenKid Kindergartens seek to provide a solution primarily for working families by employing children in close proximity to the working parent. We know that summer holidays are often a serious challenge for parents, as they have to provide accommodation and entertainment for the little ones during the summer months as well.

Therefore, our English-Hungarian bilingual kindergartens organize a camp every week in the summer of 2020, from June 15 to August 14, in two locations: the VIII. and IX. district as well. In the camps we welcome children between the ages of 3-7, with a changing theme each week. The staff has been organizing camps for 15 years; its members are ambitious kindergarten teachers with extensive knowledge who have gained experience in our institutions during the school year. Our kindergarten, registered by the Ministry of Education and Culture with the necessary official permits, guarantees quality programs, a safe environment and adequate care.

Under the guidance of English- and Hungarian-speaking kindergarten teachers, children can spend their summer free time in a colorful and varied way, playing with each other and with their teachers. Classes with 10-15 children are conducted in English, but knowledge of English is not a prerequisite for application. We welcome to our summer groups preschoolers and elementary school students who just start to get familiar with the English language, as well as any child who wants to learn the language more effectively and enjoyably beyond the school framework.

Weekly themes



Mindenkid Millennium

Mindenkid Corvin

1. week: June 15. – 19. Once upon a time... Circus all over the world
2. week: June 22. – 26. Land of dinosaurs Adventures in the jungle
3. week: June 29. – July 03. Adventures in the jungle Little scientists
4. week: July 06. – 10. Life under the water Once upon a time...
5. week: July 13. – 17. Pirate treasurehunting Life under the water
6. week: July 20. – 24. Circus around the world When I grow up, I'll be...
7. week: July 27. – 31. Junior olympics Pirate treasurehunting
8. wek: August 03. – 07. Dancing feet Land of dinosaurs
7. week: August 10. – 14. Little scientists Junior Olympics

Little scientists

Have you ever pondered about the wonders of the world that surrounds us? Do you like trying out new things? Are you ready to discover the amazing world of science? On this week you can all transform into little scientists and do all kinds of experiments, make new discoveries and try out several types of tecnhiques. If you are ready for some fun in chemistry and physics, then come and join us for many exciting experiments and prepare yourself to become an awesome scientist.

Land of dinosaurs

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs? Then this is your week! Let’s find out when and where these fascinating creatures lived, what they looked like and what their dinner consisted of. Digging for fossils, experimenting with volcanoes and making giant dinosaur eggs are just a few of the several exciting activities that are waiting for you.

Junior olympics

During the Kid’s Olympics week, we organize a sport championship for the little ones. The children can compete individually and in teams. There will be sack-race, tug of war, obstacle course and ball games. After the competitions, the winners can stand on the Olympic stand and get their medals.

Adventures in the jungle

Let’s go on an adventure into the deep, deep Jungle and explore the exotic wildlife together! Are you familiar with the feeling of swinging from lianes to lianes, and walking in the deep, sticky mud, moreover, are you excited to hear the wild animals roar or see the monkeys hanging on the trees? Then this camp is for you, because this what jungle is all about! Come and join our expedition and find out more about the ancient civilizations and their lifestyles.

Circus around the world

If you would like to discover the amazing life of circus or you feel like you were born for the stage, you should definitely join us on this week. You can try yourself out as an animal trainer, escapologist, magician, acrobat, tight-rope dancer, clown, juggler or even as a fire-eater. Come and be the part of this incredible life of the circus and let’s make a show that everyone remembers!

Pirate treasurehunting

Come and you may be part of a real pirate camp! If you are not afraid of a challenge and you stand up to the pirates seven tests, then your place is here. We can spend an exciting and adventurous week together. During the pirate week pirates will fight to win the treasure, they will prepare the treasure map and go on treasure hunt, we will test the courage of the little ones and of course set the taken princess free.

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a place where wonderful things happened. If you are curious and would like to experience the world of princesses and knights, then this camp is for you. During the week, our little princesses will wear gorgeous dresses, fabulous make-up and crowns with sparkling gems. Our knights will be busy too with building strong castles, making shiny crowns, swords and shields and of course practicing for the joust which will take place on Friday. Come and join our fairy tale worlds!

When I grow up, I'll be...

There are superheroes among us! So many people help make our communities run smooth and safely! Are you excited about your parents job? Do you like to watch the fire fighters or the policemen during work? Have you ever dreamed of growing up as an artist, a zoo-keeper or a postman? Community helpers will be stopping by to show us how to operate a fire-truck, how to use the siren, and many more exciting things!

Life under the water

Ezen a héten az óceánok varázslatos világába tekintünk be. Szabadjára engedjük a képzeletünket és tengeri állatokat, kagylókat, halakat, korallokat kreálunk. Megalapítjuk a tökéletes nyaralás színpadát. A hét megkoronázásaként kincsvadászatot szervezünk, ahol kagylókat és más tengeri csodákat keresünk.

Dancing feet

Do you know the feeling when you hear a good song and you can’t resist to move to the rythm? Do you get excited when watching a musical show? Now you can be a part of it! Put on your dancing shoes and move and groove while learning the basics of hip-hop, rock and roll, ballet and folk-dance. Make friends while you try yourself on stage singing and dancing! Join our dancing feet camp, experience the joy of dancing, create a piece of art and finish the week with a huge party!

Daily Schedule

09:00 - 09:30 Arrival, breakfast
09:30 - 10:30 Outdoor activities
10:30 - 11:00 Snacks
11:00 - 12:30 Circle time
12:30 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 14:30 Nap time, bed time stories
14:30 - 17:00 Snacks, outdoor activities


Weekly fee: 39.999 Ft
Daily fee: 9.999 Ft

The registration is final when the fee is paid in cash upon arrival on the first day or transferred to the bank account number showed on the registration form before the first day of the camp.


Mindenkid Corvin
1083 Budapest Bókay János utca 36-42.

Mindenkid Millennium
1095 Budapest Lechner Ödön fasor 10.


To register please download the application form, fill it out and send it back to the given email address. In the subject of the email please write: "Summer camp registration".

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