At what age can my child start the nursery/kindergarten?

Usually from 1.5 years old. It’s important that the child should be able to walk independently, and his/her nap-time should be more or less aligned with the nursery’s daily routine.
In the kindergarten we register children from 2.5 years.

What is the sizes of the groups

The maximum capacity of the group rooms is 15-17 children. Depending on the age of the children, 2 or 3 kindergarten teachers.

Do you have English language groups?

We are firm believers of early language education, so in our kindergartens we have both Hungarian and English groups. In the English speaking groups our teachers only communicate in English with the children and with each other.

My child does not speak in English at all. Can I register him/her to the English speaking group?

Certainly. With the help of our professional team the children quickly learn the basics of the language and become part of the community.

How can I get information about the kindergarten fees?

For your request we will send you the information. Please contact us on any of our contact details.

How many times and what do the children eat?

The children eat four times a day, breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. For breakfast usually they have pastries, muesli, yoghurt, omelette, sandwich, etc. The morning snack is every day fresh fruit and vegetables. Lunch is always warm that contains soup and second. Afternoon snack is sandwich with vegetables.

My child is vegetarian/is on a lactose free diet. Can you provide him vegetarian or lactose free meals?

Yes, we can provide vegetarian/lactose free menu.