At Mindenkid, we are...


  • We love small ones and big ones, so we welcome children from 1.5 years to 7 years old.
  • We accept each other. At Mindenkid children from all over the world (from Brazil to Russia, from Korea to India, from Libya to France) study and play together. We respect each other’s cultures and learn a lot from each other about tolerance, openness and cooperation.
  • We know every child is different. Just as we have different personalities and different strengths, we keep the same in mind about the children: we let all of them develop in their own rhythm and give them all the support to do so.


  • We believe that it is possible to learn a language by playing - in fact, that it is the best way to do it! By the end of preschool, children leave us with useful English knowledge that serves as a stong base for them in their future.
  • We know that playtime is also a serious job for children: they gain their knowledge by experiencing the world - so we try to show them as much of it in a creative way as possible and we always set a good example.
  • We understand that the feeling of success is very important for all children, so if your child falls behind in one area, we help to catch up, and if shows talent in something, we inspire with extra tasks.
  • We reckon that free play has a big impact, so we spare time and space for that too in our daily schedule.

...a good team and we treat you as our partner

  • We believe the most valuable thing we can give a child is our attention. That’s why in our groups we work with small numbers of children so that we have enough time and energy for everyone.
  • We know that everything that happens to your child is important to you, so at the end of each week we send a photo summery of our weekly program and provide a detailed report about your child's development every semester.
  • We are always at your disposal if you have an extra request or question. We offer flexible care and financing options and we also handle various food allergies.
    But if you need professional help or simply human support, we are also there for you!
  • We know that you work too and we don't want you to worry about arriving on time, so we are open between 07: 30-18:00.


  • Most of our early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers have many years of experience in their profession. But we also welcome new talents - their professional work is mentored and supervised by our lead teacher.
  • We are constantly improving ourselves: we are open-minded, look for new opportunities and regularly attend professional trainings.

If you would like to get to know us, we look forward to inviting you on a meeting, so that we can show you our facilities, introduce ourselves and answer your questions!