Educational principles

Our educational program is based on the fact that human beings are irreplaceable; they are social beings and individual personalities at the same time biologically, mentally and morally. Children have different physical and psychological needs according to age and individuality due to genetic endowment, specific maturation processes and spontaneous and methodic environmental impacts.
We would like every child entrusted to us to develop in line with the pace of their individual maturation process physically, mentally and socially during our kindergarten program and home training.
We believe that this educational period will be among the most influential of all developmental stages for our children. An educational program based on a loving and differentiated treatment of children is essential in the development of moral and aesthetic values to support emotional and intellectual structure for the coming generation.
Children are members of society like everyone else. Therefore, we put great emphasis on observing their habits and needs, and we also make sure their rights are respected. All of our employees pay special attention to the everyday application of pedagogical attitudes that alleviate disadvantage and promote equal opportunity.

Principles and values of our educational program

Our kindergarten is a professionally independent educational institution of the public education system that provides a supplement to family upbringing from age 3 until the time children start school.
Our education program is child-centered, receptive and works towards unfolding children’s personalities. It ensures that every child benefits from the same high-quality education and loving environment, while reducing existing drawbacks. It does not tolerate any judgment or prejudice.
We prepare children to become emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually capable for school life. It is important for us to promote principles that support the intercultural education of children. All of our educational measures adapt to children’s personalities.

Specific educational objectives based on the philosophy of our education:

  • To promote children’s peaceful and harmonious development by taking individual characteristics and age peculiarities into account.
  • To establish and develop kindergarteners’ physical, social and intellectual maturity necessary for school by promoting an active lifestyle. We create an opportunity for physical education in our facility every day.
  • To provide emotional security in an inclusive, loving atmosphere with versatile skill development to ensure and stimulate personality development, proper physical condition and mental balance.
  • To teach children to love nature and science, and to encourage them to live in harmony with nature. Learning about energy saving principles (water, electricity, heating) and protection of the environment.
  • Our kindergarten guides children with the evolvement of personality traits to help them integrate into the school community.

Preferred educational principles

General principles based on the functions of our kindergarten (protective, social, educational, developmental):

  • Loving, inclusive, serene atmosphere that provides emotional security
  • Based on/in addition to family and home training our goal is for the majority of our children to achieve the adequate level of development needed for school life by the end of our program
  • Being child-centered
  • Susceptibility to nature, establishment of environmental awareness and an environmentally conscious lifestyle
  • During the course of our program we are committed to provide children with emotional security, acceptance, unforgettable experiences, freedom and a peaceful and balanced atmosphere to make sure they enjoy their kindergarten years.
  • Protection of developing personality and increased protection of children’s rights
  • Acceptance of otherness

Essential principles for the implementation of our local educational program:

  • Children, as developing personalities are entitled to special protection and care. The aim of our pedagogical work is to surround our kindergarteners with accepting love, and we also strive to enrich their kindergarten years with unforgettable experiences, emotional security, freedom and a calm and balanced atmosphere.
  • Free play and a physically active lifestyle are the basic need of children. With our school agenda we put great emphasis on both.
  • It is also important for us to promote environmental awareness by teaching children to love and protect nature and the environment, which we facilitate primarily in our immediate environment by providing emotionally rich experiential opportunities.
  • Foundation of an environmentally responsible thinking and way of life, susceptibility to nature
  • In addition to daily free exercise, organized sport activities (swimming, judo, folk dance, ballet, ice skating, skiing, physiotherapy) are also included in our program, so children’s , circulatory, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, as well as the load- bearing capacity of the bone, nerve and muscle system can develop in accordance with their age.

Our quality assurance program guarantees that along the pedagogical values recorded in our program, we continually perform high-quality work, which is regularly monitored through surveys.