Adaption to the nursery/kindergarten

Introduction of the children to nursery and kindergarten happens according to individual needs. In every case we have a meeting with the parents, where we can talk about the child’s habits and personality and inform them about the procedure.

We ask the parents to dedicate one or two weeks for the introduction and that they start it at the beginning of the week, so that the child has continuity in the adaption and time to get familiar with the new environment, people, rules and daily routine as a weekend does not break this period.

During the introduction we proceed step by step: in the first days the child spends only few hours in the nursery/kindergarten. After some days this time gets longer. In few days’ time the child stays for lunch and the afternoon nap.

Parallel to this process, the parent accompanying the child also departs slowly. The first days the parent stays in the group, then leaves for an hour and so on. We suggest that during the adaption period the same person comes with the child every day.

Cooperation is crucial for a successful introduction. We ask the parents to follow basic instructions and certain rules helping the work of the teachers making the adaption smooth.