Our kindergartens and nurseries focus on providing day-care solutions primarily to working families, so we employ the children in the close vicinity of the parents, in the VIII. And IX. district close to big office complexes. It makes the logistics much easier for the families. They save time during the daily routine and its comforting for them to know, that their children are within reach.

We ensure homely and loving environment. We work in small groups with the children and focus on unfolding their unique personalities and developing their skills.

Our teachers are highly qualified and well experienced professionals. English language teaching is our top priority; the work of the teachers is supported by foreign language assistants.

We provide experiences for the children by foreign language, fairy tales, poetry, music, arts and craft, puppet shows and role plays that we hope are going to be determinative and lasting in their lives. We are firm believers of prevention, diversity, individual characters, environmental protection, differentiated teaching and providing the physical and emotional harmony that children need at this early age.

We place great emphasis on having a continuous and vivid dialogue with the parents. We consider them partners as our goal is the same. We need each other. In this relations everybody is important: the children, the parents, the teachers. It’s a teamwork that works well because we treat each other equal.

Our goal is that the children grow to be open-minded, curios, independent, tolerant, creative, self-disciplined individuals at MindenKid.

All families are welcome to get personal information about our pedagogical principles, meet our kindergarten teachers and get familiar with our institution.